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These are symptoms of a country that is on the wrong track.

The community at large wants a stable economy, satisfying work and a good outlook for its future generations. Democracy in Australia no longer delivers what its constituents want from the system.

Money has taken over

Vested interests have supplied funds to political parties and influential individuals to run, for example, political advertising and election campaigns. In return these vested interests are able to buy political outcomes that are favourable to them.

GDP & Perpetual Growth

The principle promoted by business and government and aided by the media is perpetual growth which is based on GDP – gross domestic product. But GDP relates to money spent and draws no distinction between whether it is spent for useful or for destructive purposes. An increase in GDP does not necessarily mean an improvement in individual wealth or well-being and in fact may well represent a decline in the quality of life of people generally. On the other hand, business, especially ‘Big Business’ and politicians benefit from growth – business for profits and politicians in the wake of this with continued support to stay in power.

Doubling of Immigration in 10 Years

To generate the economic growth on which it rates its performance, the government has doubled the non refugee immigration rate in the last ten years. The infrastructure required to cater for each additional person is about $200,000. This is a major reason for Australia now being saddled with a huge debt situation with no effective plans to alter course.

Selling Off the Assets

To fund infrastructure costs, governments have sold off most of the public assets the community once owned to private companies many of them foreign owned. There is little now left to sell other than the very land on which the nation is built combined with sinking ever deeper into debt as a liability for future generations to bear.

Growing For Broke by Peter North

Growing for Broke is about why there is an urgent need to re-evaluate present directions and describes how they came about. It presents ideas of how we could do better.

The book’s author, Peter North, lived his last years with a deteriorating lung condition and died a few days after the book appeared in print.

The book can be purchased online from this website, with book reviews welcome. A regular blog will be a feature of the website moving forward with comments also welcome.  It should shortly become available as an ebook from Amazon.